Monday, October 10, 2011

We are what we believe we are.

I don't ever really write on this blog anymore but this seemed more appropriate to write/rant about here.

I've been in England for awhile so I haven't totally kept up with the news in the states but it has been brought to my attention that Mitt Romney is STILL being persecuted for his religious beliefs.


I don't mean to be one of those typical people who visits Europe for a minute and then rips on America, but, there is a large number of Americans who are totally naive and offensively ignorant.

It is 2011, and people are still saying "I'm not voting for a MORMON to be president."

And it goes both ways. There are a lot of LDS members who are all about Mitt Romney because he is a fellow member of the church.

I have no problem with people who disagree OR agree with his POLITICAL VIEWS. If you don't want to vote for him because you wanna abort babies or tax the crap out of the rich, fine. Don't vote for him. But for crying out loud don't judge the man based on his personal religious beliefs.

I am ALSO, a member of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints, but I haven't looked into what the man is all about enough to decide whether or not I think he would be a good candidate, but I am a little more liberal than some of my fellow Mormons, so it could go either way.

And while we're on the subject,
Let me tell you why I chose to become a member of this church. It's not because I was brainwashed, I didn't do it for a boy, I didn't do it out of confusion, pressure, or fear. I did it because IT MADE ME HAPPY AND IT MADE SENSE TO ME when I was finally mature enough to accept it. The Gospel makes me happy. Jesus Christ makes me happy. I believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet along with all the prophets that were called after him, but I don't worship those prophets. I worship God and I believe that his son died for my sins, and that makes me happy.

Do you want to know what else? I don't go around tell everyone what they should believe and why they are WRONG. As long as you aren't harming anyone else or yourself, LIVE YOUR LIFE, AND LET OTHERS LIVE THEIRS. I can't understand why some people base their entire lives around trying to prove that something is wrong, just focus on what you know is RIGHT and love AND ACCEPT everyone for who they are. Because that is where you will find true happiness.

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